BrowserStack now supports more platforms than ever, ramping up its position as a leader in cross-browser testing solutions for dev teams.

Developers can now test on Samsung Galaxy A51 and A11 mobile devices, as well as Chrome 85 Beta and 86 Dev. Meanwhile, in Edge, they get an improved collections experience, full mouse support when in full-screen mode, and a high-contrast mode for DevTools.

“The latest Samsung Galaxy A series devices are now available on BrowserStack. The predecessors of these mobile devices were one of the most shipped devices globally. A large chunk of your web or mobile app users might be using these devices,” according to BrowserStack’s release notes.

Click here for the full list of supported browsers and platforms, which is regularly updated.

Testing across a range of devices, platforms and browsers with tools like BrowserStack can massively reduce time-to-release — speeding up the process while maintaining a high-quality approach.

A software engineering team at Californian pharmaceutical-industry startup GoodRx slashed their testing time by 90% with BrowserStack — enabling them to roll out some 15 updates to their software in a day.

Automating their web and mobile app testing with BrowserStack was equivalent to a scale-up from zero to 2.7 million tests a year, according to the customer case study.

Priyanka Halder, senior manager of quality engineering at GoodRx, said companies in the heavily regulated healthcare sector must comply with strict requirements, including clearly displaying prescription-drug information to consumers.

Bugs like missing fields and incorrect information could lead to serious penalties, with even small glitches costing GoodRx hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“BrowserStack has been one of our biggest partners for [test automation] success,” she says.

“We segregate our priorities. The P0/P1 is a continuous pipeline that always needs to be working and cannot be broken. [Any problems] need to get sorted instantly. When a P0/P1 feature makes it to production, our pipeline already has those tests ready to be run.”