Data Management


In today’s world of Big Data and constant streams of information on business and infrastructure performance, the need for data management and database management software is immense. Database DevOps tools, data analytics and data intelligence software reveal trends and metrics that may otherwise be lost in masses of information. Data management tools and software capabilities include data visualisation, data governance workflows and policy management, data integration and analytics. The resulting detailed analytics can be used to optimize processes and increase business or system efficiency.

The Future Of Data Lineage

Solidatus is a specialised, powerful and modern data lineage tool. Its simple, intuitive and flexible web-based application allows organisations to rapidly discover, visualise and understand how data flows through their systems.

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billion, estimated value of the data marketplace, including software, by 2027 (Wikibon)

million, the number of EU businesses in 2016, all of which have been affected by GDPR

quintillion bytes of data are created each day globally (Blazon)

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