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Organisations of all sizes in the entire world face an insidious challenge: the constant increase in the software products used within the corporate network. System administrators are the first to feel the burden of managing the effects. They face the ever-green security issues, and-user error opportunities, updates of the desktop fleet, and new installations, compatibility issues. Maintaining the desktop-side and server-side systems has become more and more expensive, complex, and resource-intensive. Businesses find it imperative to improve support for operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. By implementing application packaging techniques, the businesses start controlling their IT investment and, Advanced Installer is here to help them get to the next level of efficiency.

Tell us a bit about Advanced Installer?

In 2005 Advanced Installer was launched as the tool for software developers to package their applications in a friendly, intuitive, secure deployment format for Windows. The developers and software developing companies need a professional tool to create their delivery outcome since the installation kit is the first point of touch for the end-user with their product. The Professional and Enterprise editions are designed to support generating advanced experience for your application end-user. When Advanced Installer Architect edition was launched, it has been adopted as a strategic component of the application management policy for enterprises of all sizes. The enterprises use Advanced Installer for standardising their application packages to execute automated deployment processes. It is helping them in managing workstations more efficiently, reduce end-user security risks, reduce end-user support costs, improve end-user experience and, minimise business disruptions.

You were the first to support MSIX. Tell us about it.

Advanced Installer was the first to support it and the official release partner. In the packaging industry, MSIX is the newest, coolest, most expected delivery format for a software product. It is predicted to be the future of packaging and even prepared to replace the current, ubiquitous MSI. The start was fast, and evolution even faster. We take pride in being MSIX technology pioneers. The technology is still young, and many advancements are still to come. We stick true to our mission to provide our customers with powerful yet easy to use packaging solutions. Advanced Installer is a recognised leader in the packaging industry, helping developers, software developing companies, enterprises, managed service providers, and consulting companies to dramatically improve efficiency and reduce costs using state-of-the-art packaging technology.

What are the significant benefits of using Advanced Installer?

1. Increase work efficiency

Increase collaboration through Repository Management. It helps centralise and share project resources using the repository. Multiple projects, i.e. team members, can share the same resources by setting a common location for the repository, for example, a network shared drive. Standardising old applications with Advanced Installer Repackaging. Legacy installation packages not using the industry-standard Windows Installer engine can be easily converted into reliable MSI(X) packages and benefit from the advantages of the latest Windows Installer technologies.

2. Reduce Costs

Flexible Pricing Structure. We offer perpetual licensing and multiple types of support plans to answer the best to your packaging team needs. Best Technical Support in the Industry. The packaging is a critical component of business continuity with particular knowledge requirements. Make the right decision, and you will register end-user support needs and costs cut and decrease of the business disruptions.

3. Enterprise-ready

MSIX Packaging. Enterprises all over the world will benefit most of the MSIX technology since the container-based packaging ensures running software configuration and deployment at scale while lowering the risk on the end-user side. Application virtualisation. More and more companies choose to implement virtual applications because they offer fast and easy deployment, reduced security risks, and the possibility to run multiple versions of the same application, to name a few benefits. Advanced Installer comes to your aid with the latest support for Microsoft’s App-V and VMware ThinApp technology, which enables you to create packages for virtual applications in minutes. Find out more on The automated approach to software installation and updates overcome the challenges of increased complexity and costs and ultimately enables businesses to grow and scale in a dynamic business environment.


Product Lead

Bogdan has over a decade of experience in application packaging and deployment. You can also find him speaking at conferences and contributing to industry-related communities.