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Helpdesk specialists can’t always resolve support tickets quickly on the phone or simply using emails with attached or embedded screenshots, notes TeamViewer, adding that this situation improves if using its Tensor solution.

Tensor in November added co-browsing and support for enterprise multi-tenant infrastructures, hard on the heels of a mobile software development kit (SDK). Read the related announcement.

The Tensor software, offered as a service (SaaS), can help VARs and other solution providers manage their customers distributed, remote-working teams, easing the pathway to solving common technical issues and complaints to helpdesks and customer support.

“Employees face technical issues all the time,” confirms TeamViewer.

Tensor integrates with Microsoft Intune, Dynamics 365 and Active Directory, MobileIron, Amazon WorkSpaces, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Atlassian Jira, Freshworks, Freshdesk, IBM MaaS360, Salesforce, Ninja and more, according to TeamViewer.

Issues that can be tackled via a quick-to-deploy TeamViewer solution including Tensor include printing problems, patching issues and updates, PC failures and OS difficulties — and there’s no need for a VPN.

Extensive logging capabilities support audits, and users can choose to physically document internal and external compliance via remote access and the management console.

TeamViewer also offers a solution for the burgeoning augmented reality (AR) world, Pilot. Integrated with TeamViewer’s offering, Pilot will facilitate remote hardware support.

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