At JetBrains, code is their passion. For over 15 years they have strived to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth. By automating routine checks and corrections, their tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create.


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IntelliJ IDEA

The capable and ergonomic IDE for JVM

Ever wanted a second paid of hands to help you write, debug, refactor and test you code? IntelliJ IDEA provides that and more, based on an in-depth understanding of languages and technologies combined with a non-intrusice, intuitive approach. It is compatiable with many project management tools and happily coexists with other popular IDEs such as Eclispe.


ReSharper is an intelligent add-in to Visual Studio. It comes equipped with a rich set of features including intelligent coding assistance, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick error correction. ReSharper also supports code refactoring, unit testing, navigation and search. NAnt and MS Build Scripts Editing and ASP.NET editing.


Use Upsource to browse your source code repositories, share, discuss and review code that you and your team create. Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce are all supported.


YouTrack is an innovative, keyboard-centric issue tracking and project tracking tool. It helps software developers perform most of their issue-handling tasks with two simple, keyboard-driven controls: a search box and a command window.


TeamCity is a server-based Web application that allows Java and .NET development teams to continuously integrate changes to the code base, frequently run distributed builds and tests, check and improve code quality, all the while making efficient progress toward successful project completion.


RubyMine brings a whole range of developer tools, all tightly integrated together to create a development environment for productive Ruby development and Web development with Ruby on Rails.


CLion is a fully integrated C/C++ development environment. It will enhance your productivity with a smart editor, code quality assurance, automated refactorings and deep integration with the CMake build system.


AppCode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for iOS/macOS development built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform.


Python IDE with complete set of tools for productive development with Python programming language.


DataGrip is the multi-engine database environment. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, HyperSQL, Apache Derby and H2. If the DBMS has a JDBC driver you can connect to it via DataGrip.


GoLand provides clever completion, on-the-fly inspections and quick-fixes, navigation and automated refactorings – all packed together inside an ergonomic environment.

ReSharper C++

ReSharperC++ makes Visual Studio a better IDE for C++ developers, providing on-the-fly code analysis, quick-fixes, powerful search and navigation, smart code completion, refactorings, a variety of code generation options and other features to help increase your everyday productivity.


JetBrains Rider is a new cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper.


JetBrains WebStorm is a lightweight yet powerful IDE for the modern JavaScript development.


Lightning-smart PHP IDE.
JetBrains –  The Market Opportunities

JetBrains – The Market Opportunities

JetBrains creates professional software development tools for coding in Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript and more languages, as well as advanced team collaboration tools. We spoke to Varvara Vaulina, JetBrains' Marketing Manager, to talk more about...