Consumer tech bible Tom’s Guide has named Kaspersky Total Security 2021 the top choice of its review editors.

According to Tom’s Guide reviewer Brian Nadel, the latest release from Kaspersky covers off security needs for consumers and smaller businesses — protecting them from online dangers including local scanning and cloud-based machine learning.

“Kaspersky’s 2021 Windows antivirus lineup offers close to complete coverage,” he reports. “It’s a step ahead of the pack — with fast speeds that have only minimal impact on your computer’s operation.”

Kaspersky Total Security boasts “top-notch” malware protection, many useful extra features, password manager, the Safe Money hardened browser for online shopping and banking, parental control, and file protection.

It also has new stalkerware protection, an easy-to-use interface and light-to-moderate system impact, Nadel writes.

Testing in July and August by the Austrian lab AV-Comparatives rated Kaspersky as 99.7% effective against “real-world” malware (a mix of new and old malware found online) with no false positives, the review says.

“We think Kaspersky Total Security is the best antivirus program you can buy right now, although not everyone needs all its features,” he says.

Kaspersky’s line of security software for Windows also includes Kaspersky Internet Security, three Security Cloud services, and the entry-level standalone Kaspersky Antivirus,which some find more spare of feature.

Not all Kaspersky offerings are currently available for the Mac or for mobile phones. Nevertheless, Nadel adds, all its products use the same malware scanning engine, simply differing on extra features.

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But Wait … There’s Even More from Kaspersky

According to Kaspersky, it’s all about removing key pain points and securing the digital comfort zone for customers, with Kaspersky Total Security fulfilling all their security needs in one product — including enabling “set and forget” automatic backups.

The Safe Money hardened browser, included in Kaspersky Internet Security as well, means customers can have all their online activity and privacy covered, whether web browsing, shopping, chatting or saving data across their PCs, Macs or Android devices.

Safe Money makes it possible to easily encrypt all online payments and transactions, while webcam protection can prevent “spying” via webcam. VPN functionality is also available.

Kaspersky’s products follow a “preemptive safety” approach, meaning device security is checked and tested whenever an online transaction is made.

There’s even a gaming mode available in Kaspersky solutions, for protection without interference.

In gaming, performance, speed and reliability are critical, whether you’re firing up an old favourite to take the edge off or competing in global tournaments. Also, cybercriminals are very interested in exploiting games.

“Whichever way you look at it, gamers need strong cyberprotection,” according to a Kaspersky Team blog.

“Recently, a gamer even set a new world record for the fastest run of Doom Eternal, with Kaspersky Internet Security running on his gaming rig.”