With a platform that supports tens of millions of daily users, over a billion customer interactions and twenty billion voice minutes per year, LogMeIn have not only capitalised on but helped invent the modern way of working – flexible, dispersed, mobile, efficient and productive. LogMeIn’s engagement and support products deliver unmatched flexibility and security, with tools tailored to help startups to large-scale organisations solve problems and provide better customer experiences. LogMeIn’s products set the standard for simple and secure access to apps, devices and data, and now are poised to redefine access for a cloud-centric world where an individual’s identity, not their device, is at the core of their experience. We looked at LastPass, Central, Rescue and Rescue Live Lens. These products sit within LogMeIn’s Identity and Access and Engagement and Support portfolio making them the top solutions.

What makes these products great?

Identity and Access

LastPass by LogMeIn – Allows employees to securely authenticate into their work without needing to type a password for every application.

Central by LogMeIn – Remote monitoring & management (RMM) solution that gives IT teams the ability to manage large groups of computers and provide business-critical IT management and automation from anywhere.

Engagement and Support

LogMeIn Rescue – IT professionals and help desk staff at companies everywhere are grappling with the challenges of supporting a suddenly massive remote workforce due the Covid-19.

Rescue Live Lens – Empower support teams with everything they need to see the world through the eyes of your customers and remote employees – minus any time-consuming downloads.

Can you share some key features for these products?

LastPass – Password sharing enables users to share a password, with another individual or a group. IT can assign access to business applications to a remote workforce, and employees are able to access all of their assigned applications without having to type a password.

Central – Manage large groups of computers from anywhere. Install software or Windows updates to a remote workforce. Be notified of critical system alerts and usage spikes.

Rescue – Securely connect to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at any time.

Rescue Live Lens – Agents can remotely view an iPhone, Android, or Windows camera to see and solve issues through a live video feed.

What makes you different to your competitors?

LastPass – LastPass protects every access point through an all-in-one single sign-on and password manager solution.

Central – IT teams can monitor, manage, secure & access all endpoint infrastructure from one host.

Rescue – Rescue provides on-demand sessions AND the ability to connect to unattended machines.

Rescue Live Lens – Rescue Live Lens is entirely browser-based, so customers and field teams can get into a session with just one click. Now there’s no limit to what you can see, support, and solve – seamlessly.

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