Traditional enterprise software has historically been designed for the 40% of structured work that is vital to organizations, such as storing information about people, customers, and finances. The value of these systems comes from their ability to drive efficiency around standardized workflows that many business users can access. However, most of the workforce deals with the 60% of work that is unstructured and fluid. This is where a new category of enterprise software comes into play—collaborative work management (CWM).

According to Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for CWM, “CWM tools bring together the strands of collaborative activities and blend management oversight with work execution so self-organising teams can work effectively.” Smartsheet is a leader in the CWM space that empowers people with a dynamic work platform to automate mundane tasks and allow for human designed workflows, all within an enterprise-grade architecture. Over 83,000 brands across more than 190 countries use Smartsheet, and there is a major opportunity to tap into the CWM space by becoming a Smartsheet partner.

Whether you are a referral, reseller, or solution partner, Smartsheet has invested heavily in the partner experience to allow for successful selling. Plus, what we have learned is that for every $1 of license revenue sold, we are seeing partners generate $4 in services, such as training, consulting, and implementation packages.

For example, one of our partners sold a set of premium Smartsheet products to Fox Sports in Australia and architected a unique television scheduling solution that reimagined their on-television operations. As a result, the customer’s broadcast planning is 10 to 20% more efficient from using Smartsheet and the partner’s custom solution.

More recently, Smartsheet has served as the platform of choice due to COVID-19, which has increased the need for remote work and productivity solutions. A partner out of the Netherlands has built a physical distancing Smartsheet add-on that is being sold to help meet the guidelines imposed by local governments and health officials. This configurable solution gives organizations flexibility into multiple factors, including time slots for employees, workplace visitors, and customers to book, and the maximum number of reservations per time slot.

Many organizations were not ready for COVID-19 when it hit and have implemented stitched solutions to address short-term needs to stay afloat. Unfortunately, patchwork solutions to address these challenges such workers adding their own software and tools, often without the approval of their IT departments, do not solve the underlying problems, and in some cases, make it worse.

Consider selling Smartsheet to your customers to show how this work execution platform can provide the building blocks to drive achievement, no matter the scale of their ambition. The flexible, no-code platform empowers any user to easily design a solution that meets their unique needs.