(Image by RGruber (pixabay.com) via NeedPix)

A growing body of evidence has confirmed that Microsoft cloud deployments can help customer organisations bounce back from coronavirus, according to ShareGate’s Myles Carter.

Carter says that at the Microsoft Ignite conference, the vendor lined up a series of business case studies that showed clear benefits from savvy implementations of Microsoft 365, for example.

In one case, in Florida, USA [pictured], a Hilton Grand Vacations hotel was able to reopen safely faster than the competition.

“Facing unprecedented conditions in one of the biggest tourist destinations of the world, Las Palmeras by Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando needed to suspend operations in the spring of 2020,” Carter writes.

“By implementing Microsoft Teams in their closure period, the staff were able to institute new protocols that permitted them to work safely while preparing and planning for reopening. Likewise, Microsoft 365 allows hotel staff to access the information they need to stay engaged in their work and offer customers the best experience possible.”

Carter also pointed to a UK community organisation, the Derby County Community Trust, which has used Microsoft Teams to save time and expand various programmes.

The Derby County Community Trust is a community organisation that works with the EFL Championship-level Derby County Football Club to improve the lives of the people of Derbyshire through participation in sport, he writes.

“With 72 people moving to a remote work situation, the organisation was surprised that they were seeing time savings by cutting down on travel time. With calls happening on Microsoft Teams, this commuting time has been eliminated, adding efficiencies,” Carter explains.

“In a time where things seem to be slowing down for many, this group is able to offer more programmes and have a larger impact than ever on their community.”

Carter says that ShareGate’s role is in ensuring success for such Microsoft deployments, whether the focus is community organisations, tourism, telecoms, government services or healthcare.

“From SharePoint migration and content management to ongoing Microsoft Teams governance, ShareGate gives you everything you need to achieve successful Microsoft 365 deployment and adoption,” he writes.

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