Are your customers keeping in control of their growing data estates?

As your customers’ data estate continues to grow, they need assurance that their systems will continue to perform. To do this, there needs to be some form of monitoring in place.

This could be some kind of manual process or automated via a specialist tool. If they rely on manual monitoring, it will not be able to scale as the environment grows and there is no guarantee that all aspects of the environment will be monitored all the time. As the environment grows, the chance of unexpected outages also grows – leaving your customers increasingly vulnerable.

Using a specialist tool to monitor automatically resolves these issues but not all solutions are the same. It is vital to ensure that the monitoring solution will scale appropriately and not add to any performance problems by consuming excessive computing resources.

With its database monitoring tool – SQL Sentry – SentryOne empowers Microsoft data professionals to manage performance across their entire data estate, including SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server Analysis Services, and virtual machines on Windows or VMware.

SQL Sentry is proven to monitor 800+ SQL Server instances—with one monitoring database, no loss in data, and low overhead. This provides you an opportunity to build really long-term relationships with customers by offering a solution that maintains their access to the data they need to run their business – even as their operations evolve and grow. You can be confident that SentryOne will help your customers solve and prevent performance problems, not become part of the problem.

Extreme scalability

How does SentryOne achieve 5x scalability compared with our competitors? Our product and engineering teams collaborated with Microsoft to leverage advanced SQL Server features to deliver the latest performance and scalability technologies.

Lowest overhead in the industry

The SentryOne team has gone to great lengths to produce consistent and realistic load tests and to analyse the stresses that our monitoring can place on CPU, memory, network, and I/O while a typical load is running against several monitored SQL Server instances.

Our strict adherence to engineering for the lowest possible overhead allows us to capture more data points with higher granularity than any other system without becoming the cause of performance issues.

5x scalability keeps databases at peak performance

The result of the SentryOne team’s engineering efforts is a monitoring solution that can scale to handle the highest-volume workloads in the industry with one repository—about 5 times the capacity of our competitors. SentryOne is the solution of choice for many companies that place a high demand on their database performance, including Humana, DocuSign, and Subway.

Don’t just take our word for it

With our previous monitoring solution, on any given day we were missing anywhere from a few minutes to several hours of monitoring data. It just wasn’t coming to the repository. Once we started using SentryOne, we were able to instantly identify the problems and do something about them

Derik Hammer

Data Manager, Subway

With its innovative use of SQL Server technologies, SentryOne has shattered barriers to data ingestion and monitors its customer databases without impediment.

SentryOne Customer Story


I don’t think the DocuSign team could have delivered on our performance promise for the past 5 years without SentryOne.

Shawn McMillian

Director of Database Operations, DocuSign

SQL Sentry is the top rated SQL Server Performance Monitoring tool on Trustradius – a leading unbiased user review site.

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Andy Ellwood

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