JetBrains creates professional software development tools for coding in Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript and more languages, as well as advanced team collaboration tools. We spoke to Varvara Vaulina, JetBrains’ Marketing Manager, to talk more about JetBrains and the market opportunities.

Could you tell us a little bit about JetBrains?

JetBrains creates professional software development tools for coding in Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript and more languages, as well as advanced team collaboration tools.

At JetBrains, code is our passion. For over 18 years we have strived to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on Earth. By automating routine checks and corrections, our products speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create.

Today, more than 1000 JetBrains colleagues work out of Check Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, USA. Seven million customers in 225 countries trust our tools daily. Kotlin, our own programming language, became an official language for Android development in 2017.

You’ve recently launched Space on December 5th. Tell us more about this?

Space is an integrated team environment that provides teams and organisations with the tools they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently. It has Git-based Version Control, Code Review, Automation (CI/CD) based on Kotlin Scripting, Package Repositories, Planning tools, Issue Tracker, Chats, Blogs, Meetings, and Team Directory, among other features.

We loved your state of the Developer Ecosystem report, what key trends did you see?

  • In 2019, we polled almost, 7,000 developers to identify the state of Developer Ecosystem. We saw four key takeaways:
  • Java is the most popular primary programming language
  • JavaScript is the most used overall programming language
  • GO is the most promising programming language. Go started out with a share of 8% in 2017 and now it has reached 18%. In addition, the biggest number of developers (13%) chose Go as a language they would like to adopt or migrate to.
  • Python is the most studied language. 27% of respondents have started or continued to learn Python in the last 12 months.

To read the full report, visit:

Could you explain the JetBrains marketplace in more detail?

Plugins extend the core functionality of JetBrains products. They provide various integrations (e.g. with a VCS or application servers), add support for various development technologies, frameworks and programming languages, and so on.

The Marketplace (AKA Plugins Repository) is a service responsible for: 

  • Providing a product (e.g. IntelliJ IDEA) with a list of compatible plugins and their updates.
  • Facilitating the download of compatible plugin updates.
  • Storage, uploading, and management of the plugins and their updates developed and published by third-party vendors or JetBrains.
  • JetBrains provides an official plugins repository for all IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs, as well as TeamCity, .NET, Hub (with widgets for YouTrack and Upsource.)

More developers are using IDEs, what product(s) do you recommend?

Our IntelliJ IDEA is a capable and ergonomic IDE for web, enterprise and mobile Java development. We have designed IntelliJ IDEA to maximize developer productivity. Even though, IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE for Java, it understands and provides intelligent coding assistance for a large variety of other languages such as SQL, JPQL, HTML, JavaScript, etc., even if the language expression is injected into a String literal in your Java code.

With trends heading towards web applications, what do you have in store to help developers create and deploy for the web faster?

AppCode and WebStorm are amongst the developer favorites when creating and deploying for the web. Thanks to an in-depth understanding of your code structure, AppCode takes care of your routine tasks and saves you from extra typing.

To help you increase the speed of your coding, WebStorm can now autocomplete slot names for you. Enjoy the intelligent code completion, on-the-fly error detection, powerful navigation and refactoring for JavaScript, TypeScript, stylesheet languages, and all the most popular frameworks.

You just released Kotlin, what do you target with Kotlin?

Kotlin/Native was released just recently and is already being used by 8% of developers. It is primarily designed to allow compilation for platforms where virtual machines are not desirable or possible, for example, embedded devices or iOS. It solves the situations when a developer needs to produce a self-contained program that does not require an additional runtime or virtual machine. In the developer ecosystem we saw that more than a third of developers are migrating their existing projects to Kotlin. Almost all Kotlin developers (92%) were using Java before they started using Kotlin.

Any events coming up where we could meet the JetBrains team and take a look at your products?

JetBrains events are run all over the world with engaging talks from guests in the local community and JetBrains speakers. Discover the latest developments and best practices on how to get the most out of your tools, see here:

How do I go about getting a trial?

Contact one of our JetBrains experts at QBS to help you scope your customer needs and propose the right product.

What trends are you seeing in developer buying habits?

Our products are becoming more and more popular among developers worldwide and our regular upgrades and new versions releases help to convince developers to choose JetBrains products over competition.

What are your top sales tips you can share with resellers in positioning JetBrains?

It is important to understand the developer needs and to find the right audience, we are happy to help our partners with all the aspect of the sales cycle.