(Photo credit & copyright © Martin FLOUSEK / JetBrains 2018-2020)

Developer tools publisher JetBrains has long been up for pushing the boundaries of software — but its next evolution will actually take it into Space.

That’s according to Lucie Morawiecova [pictured], channel partner manager at the Czech company. Space is their next product release (in beta at the time of writing) and is expected to be exciting — as you’d expect.

“We have big hopes for the product, and we believe it will help many companies with their teamwork within their whole organisation,” she tells QBS Distribution.

“We encourage partners to reach out to new customers and present our new product Space — but also continuing to support and market our existing products.”

In Space, every team member will automatically gets access to all project resources, including version control, code reviews, automation, CI/CD, and issues, as they’re added. Notifications for code review updates, new issues, or blog comments will appear directly in chats, where they can be reacted to or added to a to-do list.

As a tool for IDE integration, Space will allow developers to clone their project repositories as well as avoid merge conflicts by viewing who is working on the same file.

Desktop and mobile apps will be available, the JetBrains website indicates.

The whole year has been challenging for everyone due to the pandemic, and no one knew how it would affect their businesses, or the businesses of their partners, says Morawiecova.

“It was a very unpredictable time for us. However, we managed to adapt to the situation and thankfully the business is running well,” she says.

Through the end of 2020 and into 2021, though, JetBrains partners should explore and focus on new sales and marketing opportunities that came forward during the time of the pandemic. This will mean changes to best-practice in marketing, she suggests.

“Some of the traditional marketing is no longer very effective or even possible so we should all focus more on online activities. Learning about our new team tool Space now will prepare them for the product sales once it comes out,” sas Morawiecova.

“It [Space] will also help them manage teamwork within their own organisation and help them sell the product better.”

As Space is launched in the autumn, regional strategies at JetBrains will include localisation of website and materials, including regional social media accounts and activities.

“We have more and more local sales, marketing and technical support in many different locations worldwide — all then ready to help our partners in the specific regions,” she explains.

“We would like to partner with new resellers in some of the EMEA countries and we’ll be happy to hear from any potential resellers. They can fill out a form on our partner website.”

Customers will change as well. Morawiecova believes that some customers will make changes in their development focus and their strategies, as the world is changing due to the pandemic and other phenomena.