Bluebeam® Revu® is a project efficiency and collaboration solution used by more than 1.3 million design and construction professionals worldwide.

It’s a perfect solution that benefits the AEC industry:
a) Architecture
b) Engineering
c) Construction

Revu will maximise productivity and complete projects in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. It will also improve project predictability through the standardisation of tools and processes. Here are some reasons why:

1) Bluebeam is best in class

What makes Bluebeam best in class?
• Easy-to-use and customisable industry-specific markups (markup tools and properties)
• Save, centralise and share commonly used markups for better standardisation (Tool Chest)
• Attach, track, sort, filter and generate reports on markup data (Markups List)

Measurable benefits
• Save time reviewing and commenting
• Increase efficiency with standardisation
• Reduce liability

2) Bluebeam stands out with Specific tools that Enable workflows

What makes Bluebeam better?
• Advanced suite of customisable measurement tools
• Document Comparison and Overlay Pages for tracking changes and quality control
• Dynamic document setup and version control tools

Measurable benefits
• Win more jobs with improved tender quality and shorter tender creation times
• Reduce time spent on manual processes and errors
• Reduce the risk of time and budget overruns with access to current information

3) Collaborate in real-time with your colleagues

What makes Bluebeam Unique?
• The only real-time, PDF-based collaboration solution
• Instantly connect project partners worldwide on the same set of documents
• Activity tracking for improved transparency and trust

Measurable benefits
• Complete projects faster and more effectively
• Reduce travel, shipping and printing costs
• Reduce liability

Helpful Statistics

Wohlsen Construction/Ed McCauley, IT Director
Problem: Enterprise-wide efficiency issues and trouble with document management; underutilised technology and no way to standardise processes
Solutions: Revu’s automated processes
Results: Time spent marking up documents reduced from 8-12 hours to 25 minutes; improved user experience; reduced document setup time

Professional Underground Services
Problem: Had to dig up and reconfigure old lines that had been repaired and moved through the years without access to proper documentation
Solution: Revu’s Overlay feature to locate the old lines with greater precision than previously thought possible
Result: Completed the project in 1/3 of the time (3 months vs. 9 months); saved $30,000

Hilson Moran
Problem: Needed to use resources across multiple offices in the UK and Middle East to coordinate design for two projects
Solution: Bluebeam Studio Prime for real-time digital review sessions and administration controls for security
Result: Increased productivity by 60% due to faster communication; delivery of a paper-based project for the same client took an additional year

Have you tried Bluebeam Revu yet? Feel free to use the full capabilities of Revu for 30days. Should you require more information about this product, read here.