Imagine working without constraints or frictions; LogMeIn finds ways to make it reality. LogMeIn has grown to become one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies with a leadership position in every one of its markets. We took a moment to chat with Barry McMahon, Sr. Intl Product Marketing Manager and Gerald Byrne, EMEA Channel Sales Director at LogMeIn to get a better understanding about LastPass.

LogMeIn Is A Name We All Recognise, But Tell Us A Little About LastPass By LogMeIn?

We have three business units, our UCC division, CES division and our IAM division (Identity and Access Management). Bold 360 and Rescue are well known services within our CES division, and LastPass and Central are well known services within our IAM division.

LastPass is an Identity Management solution that began as a consumer-focused password manager about 11 years ago. Since then it has evolved into a enterprise grade Identity solution providing Enterprise Password Management (EPM), Single Sign On (SSO) and MultiFactor Authentication (MFA).

We All Have Frustrations with Managing Passwords. How Does LastPass Help Users?

The number of areas where you require a password is increasing and people tend to use the same password credentials across numerous sites. More people are now starting to work from home whereas 10/15 years ago you couldn’t. The best tech was probably only accessible in the office for most organisations.

Now, more businesses are becoming mobile particularly in sales, tech support and the service management areas. A study by the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK where they found over 280,000 people were “Liverpool” as their password across many websites.

We know that about 47% of people use the same password between business and personal accounts. The best way to reduce this statistic is to give people the tools so that they can do the right thing; like have randomly generated passwords for every account, be it business or personal. LastPass provides that functionality, stores all the credentials, and then the next time I want to login to a particular site or application, LastPass will securely auto-populate my credentials.

We know that if you can take passwords out of the business, then you should. That’s why LastPass has over 1200 apps in the SSO catalogue, and all support is online to guide you step by step from setup to policy selection.

What Trends Are You Seeing in Password Security with More Businesses Being Targeted?

It’s about confirming and validating that somebody is who they say they are and then allowing them to authenticate into the services they need across any device, personal, work or shared.

The death of the password has been spoken about for many years and there’s a realisation that passwords aren’t going away, but we can minimise them. Lightweight single sign on solutions are becoming more popular. Multi-factor authentication has grown exponentially in the last 12-18 months. This could be due to people becoming more comfortable with unlocking their mobile phones via fingerprint or via facial recognition. With LastPass MFA, people can use these features in the work environment to authenticate into applications and other services. LastPass MFA also has a comprehensive list of policies such as Geofencing, time and day restrictions and safe IP address ranges to help businesses improve access and identity management.

When Talking with Your Customers, What’s Driving the Conversation?

Over 80% of data breaches happen because of poor credentials and poor password hygiene. You can cover that 80% with the password manager and reduce the threat landscape. LastPass can help reduce against phishing attacks which we know are one of the most popular ways that businesses get targeted. It reduces the phishing threat because LastPass will only autofill credentials to the URL that is saved in your vault.

LastPass works across all mobile devices and browsers and is 100% cloud based. Passwords and credentials are always accessible on all devices because they’re all synced in the cloud. Being cloud based has major advantages in supporting todays mobile workforce where different devices are used at different stages of the day. LastPass also allows employees to share passwords in a secure manner, very helpful for the marketing department and supporting agencies.

How Do Your Partners to Take Advantage of This Market Opportunity?

LogMeIn has a long and successful history of supporting customers, partners and distributors. Our goal is to build on the success of our products and leverage this to simplify how people connect, turning ideas into reality by putting thoughts into action and unlocking the limitless potential of the modern workforce. Our partner network helps LogMeIn to broaden our market reach, delivering first class services to improve the experience for customers. The partner enablement program allows our partners to gain training, so they have the confidence to go to their customers with the knowledge we are the leaders in the Unified Communications & Collaboration, Identity and Access Management and Customer Digital Engagement & Support space.

What Are The Top Three Reasons For Customers To Speak To QBS Distribution About LastPass:

1. LastPass is regularly cited by security experts globally and is used by over 16million people and 34 thousand businesses. They all trust us to keep their passwords safe – so should you!

2. We provide dedicated LogMeIn specialists aligned to QBS partners & customers.

3. QBS delivers enterprise software to over 240,000 enterprises through its network of 4,000 partners. So, the partnership means customers gain vast enterprise business solutions expertise from QBS, as well as global market leading security technology from LogMeIn.