What is the IT service desk?

The IT service desk has an overarching goal of improving IT processes, monitoring and assessing current processes and trends, and looking for opportunities for IT processes to run more efficiently. The goal of the IT service desk is to restore the end user to productivity, using problem resolution, end-user education, or sometimes generating a workaround. To do this optimally, it has to understand the end-user experience and meet the end user where they are technologically.

The IT service desk is responsible for tracking tickets and identifying recurring issues and problems that need to be resolved once and for all. And, by keeping services up to date with current technologies, the service desk assures services work properly.

As the service desk becomes more integrated with overall business practices, service desk software has had to learn to integrate nicely with other software used throughout the enterprise.

On 25th August 2020, join us in a co-hosted webinar with SolarWinds focusing on SolarWinds® Service Desk, a cloud-based service management solution that includes IT asset management and configuration management database functionality in a single platform and we’ll showcase some of the key capabilities in the product that critical to businesses of all sizes through a quick demonstration.

What you will learn in this webinar:

– What is ITSM and its benefits – What makes SolarWinds ServiceDesk stand out against industry leaders – Why SolarWinds ServiceDesk works for users from SMB to Enterprise

Tim Lawes

Tim Lawes

Manager of Solutions Engineering

Tim has 10+ years in the software industry helping both the private and public sectors achieve their goals through public speaking, training and consulting work.

Ikramul Khaled

Ikramul Khaled

Product Manager

Ikram has been involved with ITSM products and their users for over 2 years at QBS. His hands on involvement, technical qualification and product knowledge makes him the ITSM specialist.