Rarely does new tech offer a chance for the channel to benefit an entire spectrum of end users — but NordVPN is doing just that.

VPN use is soaring with more people connecting remotely, whether to the office network or when browsing or shopping online. The company has made its virtual private network (VPN) software available through QBS.

QBS head of consumer software Paul Olliver is excited about the opportunity — because not only are VPNs key to protecting consumer as well as business devices from cyber threat, but NordVPN makes this simpler than ever.

“Ultimately, NordVPN is the fastest, most innovative of the VPNs out there, that an end user can get to protect against any form of cyber threat,” he explains. “And it’s very simple to set up.”

VPN plays a crucial role in best-practice security alongside long established technologies like anti-virus. Creating an encrypted tunnel for user data, VPNs hide the IP address and user identity — also making use of public Wi-Fi safer.

“VPN has become much more important with Covid and things like that; obviously connectivity has become very vulnerable amid all of this. Cyber criminals are exploiting the situation to a massive degree,” Olliver says.

NordVPN offers the widest server coverage and is based around the revolutionary VPN protocol NordLynx — itself build around fastest system, WireGuard. People won’t notice any lag or delay to their connection, notes Olliver.

Also, NordVPN manages and constantly upgrades its own server network, investing in software architecture and robust infrastructure.

As Olliver explains, NordVPN makes great sense as part of a complete solution; it’s straightforward to mix and match products to customer need. NordVPN can be brought in as an add-on, or additional internet security bundled in.

“Customers need look no further for an item that can be offered at an attractive price points for resellers or tier-two consumers,” Olliver says.

“NordVPN can guarantee a secure connection that remains private — keeping everyone out while letting you view whatever you want to view, enabling exploration of all resources.”

This is all backed up by NordVPN’s channel strategy. Says Olliver: “NordVPN want resellers to understand that they can still make margin that is not going to be devalued. For the right partners, there’ll be programmes and promotions that maximise the sell-through.”

The specialists at QBS are distribution experts in software, with extensive knowledge on more than 9000 publishers from large corporate solutions to SMB and consumer software, as well as offering personalised assistance and support for retailers and resellers.

This includes not only custom-made digital marketing materials for individual shops or websites but comprehensive marketing plans, sample evaluations, testing and specific pricing structures that can maximise the opportunities as they evolve.

And Olliver is keen to encourage partners to contact himself or a member of the team with requests for assistance.

“We are the only channel distributor for NordVPN, which is the market leader and the first key VPN brand in the channel that’s available to the general public,” he confirms.

(Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash)